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People Movers is a podcast highlighting the impact escalators have made to everyday life.

The podcast is coming soon.

In the meantime, here’s a preview of what to expect:


How much time do you spend thinking about escalators?

Think about it. On a daily basis – how much time do you stop and think about how much of a difference they’ve made to our lives?

I’m guessing it’s probably not much.

I’m here to tell you why escalators are worth paying attention to.

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[imitating a voice on a loud speaker] “There’s a boy on the escalator near Target who’s got his foot stuck in it we need all the staff here now”…to laugh at him

“I had to yell out ‘can I have more cloth’ or ‘can I have more bandages’ and ‘call the ambulance'”

“Obviously this is a specific case because you’ve got a niche passion for escalators and that moment in history”

“I want to make a bit of a pitch for an escalator history museum. How do you think that would go? Do you think there would be enough history to fill a museum even if it’s a small one?”

Welcome to People Movers, a podcast series about the impact escalators have had on everyday life.

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I’m Lindsey Green and throughout this series I’m going to talk to you about escalators in a way you’ve hopefully never thought of them before.

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In the meantime – I encourage you to start taking more notice of the escalators around you. You might be surprised by what you discover.